3rd Grade Word Study

Word Study

Every other week, students are given a new word list. This list stays at school in their Word Study folder. Another copy of the list is located on this website (see link on the left side that says "Word Lists"). Along with that is a list that tells which students are in what group. 

At the beginning of the school year, students are given an assessment to find the group that they will be assigned for word study. The groups are based on student need. Students will be reassessed throughout the year to see if they need to move groups.

Also at the beginning of the year, students are given a high frequency word assessment. Words that students miss will go on their "words to learn" list, and they will become their high frequency words for weekly spelling lists.

Bi-weekly spelling lists will be comprised of spelling patterns to help the student grow as a speller and reader. Students will be given 10 words that follow their pattern for the week, along with their 5 high frequency words. Students will be tested on these 15 words, plus 5 surprise "new pattern words" that follow the assigned pattern, for a total of 20 words per test.

During the 2 week time period, students will do several activites that will help them learn their spelling pattern. Some of the activities include:
     - Sorting words 3 times
     - Sorting their words and then writing them in their Word Study folder.
     - Choosing 8 of their words, drawing a picture to illustrate the word, and then writing a sentence with the word included.
     - Spelling Soccer
     - Spell, Write, Check
     - A game based around the pattern