Ms. Morris' Fourth and Fifth Grade

Dear Parents and New Fourth and Fifth Graders,

First, I would like to give you a brief explanation of my teaching beliefs. I do not believe in ever embarrassing a student. It is very important to me  students take responsibility for their actions and learn how to deal with consequences and  learn from mistakes and find alternative methods for solving both academic and social problems. Kindness to others is highly valued and expected. Positive and honest feedbackis extremely important. I do not believe there is a problem that cannot be fixed through communication. I also think we need to hold our students to thehighest standards. We need to work together to encourage the children to always take pride in their work. Iencourage students to question our world, and support their ideas. I valuethinking outside the box.

Planners:  Please taketime to talk to your child about daily classroom activities, and look at their planner every night.  Their planner notebook is where you will find notes that are sent home, as well as any homework that needs to be completed. 
Communication:  If you have any concerns or are wondering why something is happening, please feel free to call oremail me at any time.  I welcome all concerns, ideas, and feedback thataffect your child or our classroom.    I welcome all feedback! However, I muchprefer positiveJ.

Homework:  You should expect that your child will have some type of homework Monday through Thursday.I try not to give weekend homework, but students can do their weekly reading on Saturday or Sunday if they have a busy week.  You should always find thehomework assignments written in their planner. This is the student’sresponsibility.  Planners will go home every day. My policy on homework is very simple; students should never work more than 40 minutes a night.  If you notice that yourchild is not able to do an assignment on his or her own, or in this amount of time,please send a note. Sporting events and extracurricular activities are not anacceptable excuse for not completing homework.


  • School starts at 8:04 am. and dismissal is at 3:00pm. 
  • Studentswith last names beginning with A-L are to be picked up in the West parking lot (playground side). Students with last names ending with M-Z should be picked up in the front parking lot..  .
  • Free breakfast will be offered again this year and student lunches are $2.00. Milk is $.45



Suggested Supply List for Ms. Morris’ Fourth Grade


One one-inch binder with pockets please

Two red “checking” pens

Two spiral notebooks (wide ruled/100 page)

At least two Dry Erase Markers

A composition notebook (writer’s notebook)- we will decorate in class

Two glue sticks

One small pair of scissors

Two three ring folders with pockets



I encourage individuality, just remember the student’s desks are only so big J. I always have extra supplies so please don’t worry if you skip somethingon the list.


 On the first day of school we will be decorating our writer’s notebooks. Please send in personalartifacts such as pictures, stickers, etc. that the students can cut out andstick on their notebooks. I have collected lots of little extras for them tooJ.



Let the fun begin!!