Mrs. Fosmoen's Fourth Grade
April 25-29

This week, in reading students will continue to use characters' words, actions, and thoughts in order to determine their characters' traits. They will analyze make predictions in Bud, not Buddy based off of Bud's character traits.

In writing, students will learn how to add in line breaks and separate their poems into lines and stanzas. They will also work on improving their word choice of nouns and adjectives. Finally, they will learn about the use of repetition in poems in order to draw a reader's attention to that word. I have been VERY impressed by how excited students are about writing and sharing their poetry.

In math, students will finish learning about decimals, as they analyze information in data tables. Students will use real-world situations in order to help further their understanding of decimals.

Finally, in social studies this week students will learn about competition, positive and negative incentives, and specialization. They will look at ads in order to determine incentives and will think about their lives in order to see how competition plays a role.